copy-maven-plugin missing required class “org.sonatype.aether.RepositorySystem”

Today, when I tried to build one of our existing projects Maven gave me the following error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.github.goldin:copy-maven-plugin:0.2.5:copy ...
com.github.goldin:copy-maven-plugin:0.2.5:copy failed: A required class was missing while executing
com.github.goldin:copy-maven-plugin:0.2.5:copy: Lorg/sonatype/aether/RepositorySystem;

My immediate reaction was to grab the latest copy of Maven but upgrading to 3.2.3 didn’t help. It turns out that what I needed was to go back to 3.0.x and the problem was that the copy-maven-plugin was incompatible with my version of Maven.

So, if you get such an error just try building with Maven 3.0.x.

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