Tech Ed Europe 2012 Continued…

Today I saw what Visual Studio 2012 does for testing, both manual and automated. Everyone will be thrilled that Test lab management no longer requires a rocket scientist to get working. New support for “standard virtual machine” deployments make lab testing potentially feasible for ordinary mortals at last. I did develop some reservations, however, when I saw how long the demo virtual instances were taking to spin up to perform the tests. Blame was attached to the virtual machines on the demo laptop and I’m inclined to agree, still the lesson is spinning up virtual machines for test running should not be a synchronous activity.

I managed to catch a really top-class seminar from David Starr and test champion Peter Provost. Their delivery was compelling, the demos great and the subject was just what I came to see. Their top-down web application testing demo really opened my eyes to what WatiN could do for some of my more complex web application projects. I really have to tire kick that framework a bit to see how well it works in practice, as so many of our projects are workflow heavy and invariably require authentication there might be some practical constraints on all that yummy goodness.

Tomorrow is the final day and hence I’m looking forward to the savagely talented and deeply compelling Mark Russinovich’s “Case of the unexplained…” session that he does every year.

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