Google App Engine to Support Java

Did you hear that Google is adding [tag]Java support[/tag] to [tag]Google App Engine[/tag]? Well… This is probably not going to happen very soon.

You may not know but currently, if you want to develop [tag]GAE[/tag] applications, you have to use [tag]Python[/tag]. Python is heavily used in Google internally therefore it is not surprising that it became the first supported GAE language. I have basic knowledge in Python and I put together an application that uses [tag]GWT[/tag], Python and [tag]RESTful services[/tag]. I enjoyed the experience, which remained mostly educational for me. Even when I was developing in Python I always hoped for Java support and obviously I’m not the only one who has been waiting for it…

The news came out when, at a recent Google developer event in India, Google’s Prasad Ram, Director, Google R&D Banglore, announced Google App Engine will now support Java. Woohoo! Yeah Baby! Or is it too early to get excited?!?

One of the biggest show stoppers for most of the serious Web applications was the lack of [tag]HTTPS support[/tag] and fortunately it has been recently announced. Now remains the Java support. Just when I was getting excited I saw an e-mail sent to the Google App Engine group. It was from Paul McDonald, App Engine Product Manager. It said:

“There has been recent discussion in the blogosphere about the potential support of Java in App Engine. While we don’t have any immediate plans or announcements, we are working on other languages for App Engine. Security and performance are our primary concerns with any new language runtime and getting it right takes time. We don’t have any dates for you today but be assured that you will be the first to know when we have a release date for a new language for App Engine.

Thank you for all your support, we are encouraged by the excitement and interest we see in this discussion.”

He clearly says “we don’t have any immediate plans or announcements”. So there’s no need to get too excited about it. It was not a mystery that sooner or later there would be Java support in Google App Engine. I believe Java is what Google App Engine needs to achieve the critical mass. Of course it is a challenging thing to do but not too challenging for a giant like Google. Let’s cross our fingers and let’s hope our colleagues in Google are burning the midnight oil to give us what we want.

Update: Google has an open issue regarding the Java support: please add java or groovy support. Most of the comments (probably there are thousands of them as of this writing) are useless “+1” comments. Please don’t don’t post a comment unless it has some technical merit. Otherwise it is enough to “Star” the issue. There’s no need to add your “+1” to this annoying SPAMMING. Thanks!

– Yagiz –

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