Now It’s TheirSQL

If you haven’t heard about it yet, [tag]Sun[/tag] bought [tag]MySQL[/tag]. And this, for $1 billion. Wow! Even with the weakening dollar, it’s a lot of money (to be precise it’s $800 million in cash and $200 million worth of options).

We heard the news yesterday when John, Des and I were at the [tag]Spring eXchange[/tag] 2008. [tag]Oracle[/tag]’s buying [tag]BEA[/tag] didn’t come as a surprise. However I wasn’t aware that Sun was planning to buy MySQL. We’ll see if Sun’s relations with Oracle will remain good after this :).

Today I read a few negative blogs about this move from Sun. Some people don’t trust them to do a good job and they don’t think Sun will use this product adroitly. However I’m not that pessimistic. I think this is not just a bold move. I think this shows Sun’s commitment to become a software company and their support of [tag]Open-Source[/tag]. And because MySQL is a typical Web company database, Sun takes a good place in this arena. It’s no doubt that they’re going to take advantage of MySQL’s existing customer base and they’re going to sell their hardware but I liked the way that Jonathan Schwartz puts it in his blog: “we’re putting a billion dollars behind the M in [tag]LAMP[/tag]”.

And a few quick words about yesterday’s Spring eXchange 2008 event. I thought it was very successful. Even though the event took place in The Crypt in St James Church (Yes! In a crypt, in a real church! How cool is that! 🙂 ) it was not about evangelizing. As usual, the quality of the sessions remained high thanks to speakers such as Rod Johnson, Rob Harrop and Adrian Colyer. There were around 150 attendees. The sessions probably answered most of their questions about [tag]SpringSource[/tag]’s offerings and their new subscription system. Regardless of the way that it’s provided, it’s good to see that [tag]Spring Framework[/tag] is progressing and is continuing to make our life easier in developing good software.

At the end of the day, we were sorry to miss the free beer 🙂 but we had to catch our flight…

(Edit: Just when I published this entry, my RSS reader picked up the new entry on SpringSource blog. It’s about their certification program)

– Yagiz –

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