Do you wish to contribute to a new open source development project?

DSI has just released an early version of an open source [tag]Visual Studio[/tag] plug-in for developers who wish to access project files as created by Team System Edition for [tag]Database Professionals[/tag] – without requiring them to have a Team System Edition for DBPro license. As a freely available [tag]open source[/tag] (and still emerging!!!) project, users are invited to download the plug-in, use it for their own purposes, and contribute to it’s future through a number of ways. You may blog about DBPro Bridge, ask and answer questions on the discussion forum, submit issues or feature suggestions, or indeed fix bugs or check in new features.

This plug-in, known as DBPro Bridge, is for developers using [tag]Microsoft Visual Studio[/tag] 2005 [tag]Team Foundation Server[/tag] ([tag]TFS[/tag])and [tag]Visual Studio 2005[/tag] who are working with database project files from [tag]Team System Edition for Database Professionals[/tag]. It allows for better cooperation between a [tag]DBA[/tag], who is using Team System Edition for DBPro, and a developer who does not use [tag]DBPro[/tag], but who needs to keep their work in sync with their DBA.

It is available under an Apache License 2.0 and users can download it free from codeplex. The user guide will guide you through the set up process.

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