DSI Sponsor and Present at IT@Cork’s Annual Java Conference

IT@Cork, the Cork Network for IT professionals, will host their annual [tag]Java[/tag] conference at 2pm on Tuesday 18th September at the Radisson Hotel, Little Island, Cork. Sponsored by Sun Microsystems and DeCare Systems Ireland, the half-day event will feature Sun technology Evangelist, Simon Ritter; Luc Claes from ContactOffice – Belgium and Brendan Lawlor from DeCare Systems Ireland.

Topics include:

[tag]“JavaFX” [/tag]
Speaker: Simon Ritter, Sun Microsystems

This presentation will help you begin to understand the possibilities that JavaFX presents, and how it can help your applications and services can reach more customers on more devices than ever before.

[tag]“JavaServer Faces [/tag]Technology”
Speaker: Simon Ritter, Sun Microsystems

JavaServer Faces Technology simplifies building user interfaces for JavaServer applications. Get the latest developments in Java Server Faces technology, including the latest updates around Asynchronous JavaScript with XML and JMaki functionality and features.

“The GWT Bet – Experience with [tag]Google Web Toolkit[/tag]”
Speaker: Luc Claes, ContactOffice – Belgium

Converting a large web application, counting thousands of JSPs to a state of the art Web 2.0 user interface is a challenge, to say the least. This case study will tell you more about how the conversion process is currently handled at ContactOffice: selecting the ‘best’ framework, identifying the missing pieces and filling the holes, defining a scalable front-end and adapting the existing back-end architecture, organizing the development staff, tips,tricks and lessons learned.

“DSI’s Experience with [tag]Ajax Frameworks[/tag]”
Speaker: Brendan Lawlor, DeCare Systems Ireland

DSI has tried a number of different approaches to implementing AJAX. Brendan will give an overview of that experience, highlighting pros and cons of the various choices and describing where DSI is heading next in search of the perfect front end.

For bookings and further details on IT@Cork’s Annual Java Conference, visit http://www.itcork.ie/index.cfm?page=events&eventId=91.

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