DSI Sponsors No Fluff Just Stuff eXchange 2007

DSI sponsors The [tag] No Fluff Just Stuff [/tag]Software Symposium Series, the premier technical java/agility conference, coming to London in the First European [tag]NFJS eXchange 2007[/tag], August 29th-31st.

The NFJS eXchange 2007 will cover the latest in trends, best practices, and newest developments in [tag]Enterprise Java[/tag], Java/Groovy, ESB/SOA, Ajax, Web Services, [tag]Agile [/tag]Software Development and Architecture. There are 5 concurrent tracks with over 50 sessions to choose from with some of the following topics: Java 6.0, OSGI, Domain Driven Design, Annotations, REST, JRuby, Enterprise Ajax, REST, Groovy, Grails, JPA and many more.

The NFJS eXchange features leading industry experts, who share their practical and real-world experiences.

DSI blog readers will receive £100 off each ticket when booking – just enter the promotion code NFJS-DES623 in the registration form.

More information on the No Fluff Just Stuff eXchange 2007 can be found at: http://www.nfjs-exchange.com/pcd/1154

– Nessa

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