Good news for Spring.Net!

Two significant developments have recently taken place to underline the importance of [tag]Spring.NET[/tag]. Interface21, the people behind the [tag]Spring Framework[/tag], have appointed a principal consultant to head up the Spring.NET project. This event follows hot on the heels of the recent milestone release of Spring.NET 1.1. This release has many features such as NUnit Integration, NHibernate Integration and ASP.NET AJAX Integration. These developments significantly point to the maturing nature of this framework and its increasing importance to the development community.  

Spring.NET has also been gaining significant attention in the wider development community. Rod Johnson, CEO of Interface21, and Mark Pollack, one of the founders of Spring.NET, presented “Understanding Spring.NET” at the hugely popular Tech Ed 2007 conference in Orlando. An interesting aside to this is another discussion at the [tag]Tech Ed[/tag] conference was “[tag]Open Source Software[/tag] in Enterprise Development”. DSI has long been an advocate of [tag]OSS[/tag], and it is most interesting to note that this view is gaining in popularity at an event such as Tech Ed.  

Added to this was a presentation on an “Introduction to Spring.NET” given by Mark Pollack at Citigroup’s FAST (Fast, Agile, Scalable Technology) lecture series in New York in October ’06. Another forthcoming development is Aleksandar Seovic’s the Pro Spring.NET book from Apress, which is due out later this year. 

A number of other articles have also been penned in recent times, all pointing towards Spring.NET spreading its wings. For example using dependency injection on a [tag]WCF[/tag] implementation  (“WCF Service Dependency Injection”), which is illustrated, by using Spring.NET. That article, when added to “Revisiting Spring.NET”, presents Spring.NET in a very practical application in a real world context. 

All of the above point to one thing – Spring.NET is increasing its reach throughout the development community. Many .NET developers are now relying on Spring to underpin their enterprise applications. 

And where has DSI been on all of this? 

In March ’07 DSI announced that it had been invited by Interface21 to contribute to the Spring.NET framework. Aleksandar Seovic, co-lead for Spring.NET, commented, “DSI have demonstrated world-class Spring Framework experience in designing and building mission critical systems for global clients. We are very excited by the level of commitment and investment DSI is making in Spring.NET, and are looking forward to their contributions.”  This work has been on going and is due for release shortly.  

Since mid 2006, DSI has been working on a claims processing and benefit management system for a large US based dental insurance client. This involves the replacement of the existing legacy Latron TOD system with a Microsoft .NET based application, which is based on Spring.NET. 

DSI has also been busy recently with other initiatives in the MS development arena, such as the recent presentation in association with MTUG on “Introducing your Database Objects to the Agile Process Using Microsoft Visual Team System”,  and Alan Crowley’s presentation on [tag]DB Pro[/tag] at the IMTC Event 2007. DSI is leading the way in researching and using the latest technologies for use on their software development projects. 

DSI’s growth in expertise in [tag]Microsoft development technologies[/tag] (e.g. C#, VB, ASP, T-SQL) has not come at a cost to the Java community. Indeed DSI has continued to be at the forefront of recent developments there also. But more and more time and effort had gone into expanding DSI’s .NET development skill set.  

One of the key aspects of the Spring Framework is that its lightweight approach is unobtrusive enough to allow developers the freedom to code as they see fit. As Rod Johnson noted the key to this is having the necessary development skills  – there is no substitute for real world experience.  With our first hand Spring.NET experience, our invaluable contributions to the framework, aswell as our on-going training and participation in industry events – DSI are set to lead the industry into the future as the demand for Spring.NET skills continues to spiral.

Watch out for DSI Spring.NET releases coming soon!

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