What sets DSI apart? A political slant.

What sets DSI apart? At the outset it seems a straightforward concept – we have 100+ highly qualified technical resources. We have worked for many of the world’s leading brand names – Expedia, Amazon, Avon, Mastercard. We are very active and successful in the US dental insurance industry. We constantly work with and promote the use of the best of breed technologies (with the skill set to match) – The Spring Framework, Hibernate. We have recently acquired Microsoft certification status. We work closely with the major names in the software sector – i21, Quest, Amazon.

So where does the challenge lie? The software development space is extremely competitive. There are an unlimited number of ‘brand name’ firms out there competing in the same space, firms from seemingly every corner of the globe offering their services. So how do we differentiate ourselves? What sets us apart? Why would someone choose DSI over others? What is the unique DSI message?

To arrive at the answer one has to look at the means of how DSI has won its business to date. [tag]Referrals[/tag]. Just about all the work that DSI has successfully been awarded has come through referrals. But why? Could every software development house not rely on this method? Win business and leverage that to win more and more work…? Again, one has to dig a little deeper to arrive at the answer. Why do those who have worked with DSI recommend us time and again? Is it that they trust us? Yes, undeniably trust is a large part of the answer. But trust us exactly with what? Again, one has to go deeper.

Well to (slightly!!) paraphrase the famous line used in Bill Clinton’s first presidential campaign – “it’s the technology stupid”!! And to see why this continues to be the case almost ten years after DSI was founded, one has to look no further than another (remarkably similar!!) phrase used in American [tag]politics[/tag] – “it’s still the technology stupid”!

In DSI there is an unmistakable passion for [tag]technology[/tag]. Not the use of the latest technologies for the sake of it. But examine them. Evaluate them. Choose the best. To bring me back to an earlier point – why do our clients trust DSI? For me – they trust DSI to independently evaluate the technologies that are available and use what is best, when it is best and how it is best. Technologies are employed to solve business problems not because they are ‘cool’ to work with. Even a cursory glance at other entries on this blog will tell you what DSI is working at behind the scenes – AWS, contributing to [tag]Spring .NET[/tag], Google Juice, Ruby, AJAX….as well as hosting, sponsoring and attending technology seminars.

Building better software is probably some thing just about any [tag]software development[/tag] firm can claim to do– “We do it the best way”…“No, we do it better”…to … “but we do it best of all”…and so on… These claims and counter claims are akin to political parties at election time. Everyone claims it but in reality it’s an endless cycle with little hard evidence. DSI’s belief in technology and the agile process of building software breaks this process. If the technology is right and you build it the correct way it will work. If it’s not right or build it incorrectly it will not work. Simplicity like this one does not find in the political arena!

When asking what sets DSI apart and one is examining the focus on technology – one might also (legitimately) ask, “What is the result?”, “Does this focus on technology actually work, does it produce real benefits?”. The straight answer is “Yes – it works!”. But how do we know this? To verify it, DSI employs it’s own performance architecture process to validate the applications. Here DSI can pin point the bottle necks, real or potential, and iron these out these to ensure the quality of what is built is up to scratch. It’s all part of what makes DSI tick. It may best be described as a mindset of “It’s one thing to build systems, but it’s something else to build systems that are stable and scalable  – systems clients can trust”.

If I may for a moment, I will step back again into the world of politics. When asked what his first term of office would prioritise, Tony Blair came up with a slogan to demonstrate the importance of education. I will paraphrase that to come up with DSI’s equivalent – “Technology. Technology. Technology”.


  1. #1 by Brendan Lally on April 27, 2007 - 9:38 pm

    Wow – how DSI has won its business to date. Referrals.

    thats impressive.

    Keep up the good work.

    Nice 2c ye guys involed in OSS as well


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