DSI Invited to Contribute to Spring.NET

DSI underlined its commitment to open source and technology leadership by announcing its future contribution to the Spring.NET framework today. Speaking at the IT@Cork ASP.NET AJAX seminar, Yagiz Erkan described how this open source community contribution will unleash a new dimension of developer innovation in DSI while stimulating the growth and adoption of the Spring.NET platform.

Spring.NET is an open source application framework used to build enterprise .NET applications and was founded on the success of the very popular Java Spring Framework. The Spring Framework is now the backbone of all DSI projects and has proved to be an ideal basis for standardised software development for their retail and insurance clients in the US and Europe.

As part of our continuing commitment to the principles of simple, testable and
productive software
which underpin the Spring Framework, we are proud to announce this new collaboration: A selection of experienced .NET developers will be working with the team that has developed Spring.NET, in order to contribute to this exciting project. Initially the scope of this contribution will be assisting with bug fixes by supplying patches. Both parties hope that this will evolve into fuller development role, with DSI staff committing to the Spring.NET codebase.

This is a major development for DSI and marks the beginning of a new era for .NET technology innovation in the company. We will help the Spring.NET team lay the groundwork for accelerated adoption and development of the Spring.NET Framework, while encouraging a broader approach to innovation within DSI.

Aleksandar Seovic, co-lead for Spring.NET, commented, “DSI have demonstrated world-class Spring Framework experience in designing and building mission critical systems for global clients. We are very excited by the level of commitment and investment DSI is making in Spring.NET, and are looking forward to their contributions.”

Watch this space for further blogs on our progress with Spring.NET.

– Nessa

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