TechEd 2006 – Overview

Well, it’s taken three days but finally, I have found a secluded area where I can take out this laptop/calculator without the fear of ridicule from my peers. Everything from the latest DELL 6400 Duo Core processing machines to Ferrari styled Acer’s are all around me…much more power than this OAP with it’s 256MB Ram which proudly displays that it is Windows 98 compliant…but no, I’ll not mention another word on the subject – Let’s get down to business…
Yes, we have both survived [tag]TechEd[/tag] 2006. I’m sure Stan will blog his own version of events as we have split-up which sessions to attend so as to maximise the benefit of our trip to Barcelona.
Each session is an hour and a quarter and the quality of the speakers here ranges from the genius to the not so genius to the ‘I love myself’ brigade – all of which makes for a very entertaining visit. It seems that you can take 10 mins to evaluate the session that you have chosen and based on the style and intellectual level,  you can decide whether or not to quietly slip out and either do a hands-on lab or move to ‘that other session that you wanted to go to’ (which is great).
In the blogs that I will be posting, I will cover these ‘partial’ sessions also. In order to ensure that we get the most from TechEd, Stan and I have been operating the aforementioned ‘hop and shop’ strategy with regards to attending sessions…


The sessions that I have covered are:

  • Enhancing managed .NET 2.0 Applications for multi-core Processors with Intel tools and technologies (Partial)
  • Developing Rich Web Applications with ASP.NET AJAX (Partial)
  • SQL Server 2005 : Advanced Indexing Strategies 5*
  • An Introduction to Windows CardSpace
  • A Lap around the new enhancements for web developers in Visual Studio Orcas
  • ASP.NET  :  Developing Data-Driven web applications with .NET language Integrated Query (DLINQ)
  • Exploring C# 3.0 with Anders Hejlsberg
  • Using Essential Unified Process with VSTS
  • Windows Sharepoint services v3 development : ASP.NET, Web Parts, Master Pages, Field Types and more…
  • Team System Adoption Best Practices
  • ASP.NET : End-To-End – Building a complete web application using ASP.NET 2.0, VS 2005 and IIS 7 – Part 1
  • An implementation of Windows CardSpace
  • Implementing Continuous Integration : With and without Team System
  • ASP.NET : End-To-End – Building a complete web application using ASP.NET 2.0, VS 2005 and IIS 7 – Part
  • Security is a feature : Best practices for designing secure distributed .NET applications.
  • Attack and Defense : Securing ASP.NET 2.0 Applications
  • Security in SQL Server 2005 – What developers should know

Along with the list above, I have invested a good allocation of time to meeting key people in microsoft that have actually developed microsoft products. The one product which I feel has a great future is the (yet to be released- CTP & currently) Visual Studio for Database Professionals (“Data Dude” as labeled by Brian Randell).

This tool fills the grey area that seperates DBA’s and SQL developers. More on this at a later stage.


So, watch this space as the technical side of TechEd unfolds in my subsequent blogs…

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