JavaOne 2006 – Day 4

Waking up early was harder than I imagined this morning. A few drinks that we had last night had somehow something to do with it. But after the first coffee of the morning I was already feeling better.

Fourth and the last day of the 11th JavaOne started with a crowded general session. John Gage was the host and before inviting Scott McNealy, he gave a few stats about the previous 3 days:

Here are the 3 most attended sessions:

  1. Simpler, Faster, Better: Concurrency Utilities in JDK Software Version 5.0
  2. Java Technology, AJAX, Web 2.0 and SOA
  3. Effective Java Reloaded

Looking at this list, I’m surprised how the second one didn’t come first. Using AJAX, Web 2.0 and SOA in the same title should have secured this session the first position in highest popularity list. Only if they could throw Spring in it too… 🙂 Some of the sessions were so popular that 20 of them repeated this afternoon.

Scott McNealy gave the winner of the Ride Your Bike to Work Week his prize, a jersey signed by Lence Armstrong (That initiative saved 5 tons of green gas emissions). Then McNealy presented his 10 best things about not being a CEO anymore 🙂

10) I don’t have to apologize for stuff I say to Wall Street.
9) No longer on the most overpaid CEO list.
8) I just say “See Jonathan on that”.
7) I read Hockey News without guilt
6) I shave even less often.
5) No more SOX certification.
4) I have someone to blame.
3) I can sell my last business suit.
2) Jonathan doesn’t golf, so I guess I gotta do it.
1) My new office is VERY close to the Men’s Room.

A quick review of what has happened since the first JavaOne was to follow. Actually it’s seriously amazing how far Java came in 11 years: Mars landing vehicle, shipping containers, sensing devices, more than a billion phones, almost a billion PCs, BlueRay, DVD, PlayStation 3, 1.5 billion Java Smart cards are in the hands of the people all around the world. These are the things no one could think of 11 years ago. Another good news is that there are more than 5 million Java developers around the world. Wow!

McNealy called the era that we’re living in the Participation Age. Rather than consuming, we participate. Even now, by writing this blog entry, I’m enforcing this theory.

James Gosling‘s section started with him presenting Scott McNealy the Golden Duke award. Then, a demo attempt followed :). Project Jackpot is a Refactoring manager for NetBeans and it was demoed using NetBeans 5.0. Demo Gods hit at the very start and Jackpot’s custom refactoring creator tool didn’t work.

I’m glad that I checked my e-mails in the morning because I saw that there was a new Rod Johnson talk scheduled right after the general session. It was held in a small room and it was very casual and interactive. At the end of the session, I had the opportunity to talk to him about our presentation in SpringOne next month. He looked excited about hearing our early adoption of the new XML schema support.

The following technical session was Scott Ambler‘s agile session. He reiterated some of the very important ideas of agile development. I was happy to see that our current agile development had put us in front of the most of the people attending this talk. The quality of the session was perfect, as one would expect from Scott Ambler. However I was appalled by his general arrogance. I didn’t count how many times he employed the word “stupid” but it must be at least a few dozen times. He is one of the most renowned experts in software development processes however it seemed that he sees himself like a demi-god. He said that a few years ago he came across a young person having a look at the popular Mythical Man Month book. The person in question made a comment like “Oh, I didn’t know that they knew about these things 30 years ago” and Scott Ambler said that he suddenly thought “Of course you stupid! …” What the?!? So he thinks that people are stupid when they don’t know something. Either Mr Ambler has a memory like Wikipedia or he thinks that life revolves around software development processes. A little humility is needed between his shoulders and his ridiculous hat.

One of the interesting sessions of the day was about real-time Java. A very comprehensive theoretical section was followed by 3 demos about a robotic car, a real-time CORBA ORB and Boeing’s ScanEagle using RTSJ. ScanEagle is very cool unmanned aerial vehicle.

We’re flying home tomorrow but the nature has already started the transition period for us because it rained today and the forecast doesn’t look good for tomorrow either. We finished the day in The Stinking Rose restaurant. Obviously everything we ate was full of garlic, including the garlic ice-cream. We will be stinking garlic for a few days… you are warned… 🙂

– Yagiz Erkan –

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